Corporate Overview

MATRIX PARKING, Creating Parking Solutions with Integrity

Matrix Parking Solution Holdings Bhd (Matrix Group) is a Malaysian company based in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. The Matrix Group was founded in May 2008 by a team of professionals from the fields of property development and parking management who recognized the need for parking management specialists to meet the diverse needs of building owners, building management and end-users of the parking facilities.

Over the past years Matrix Group has seen rapid growth as a result of which Matrix Group was listed in June 2019 on the third board of the Malaysia Stock Exchange, which is Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad under the LEAP MARKET. This places the Matrix Group as the only Malaysian parking management company listed on the Malaysian Stock Exchange. Despite the company’s exponential growth over these years, Matrix Group maintains its core values, emphasizing its commitment to customer service, employee growth and efficient business practices.

Matrix Group obtained its first management contract back in November 2009 and has successfully grown and increased its parking management contracts over the past years and is currently managing more than sixty (60) parking sites spread over the Klang Valley, Johor, Pahang and Penang. Our portfolio boasts office buildings, mixed developments, hotels, hospitals, open lots and until 2019, one of the largest and internationally renowned sporting venues in the country, i.e. the Sepang International Circuit.

We are demonstrating our commitment to our customers to ensure that we can consistently deliver high quality services. Rather than only ”operate” the parking facilities, we actually ”manage” them with our customized management services tailored for the customers’ requirement.

We provide the management services from the first consultation to the daily operations. Combining the power of proactive, always-on service and our expertise, quality services are provided to our customers and users at all levels.

The parking facility market is growing steadily in the region and customers are increasingly requiring experts to support them in the management of their facilities. Working with us gives our customers peace of mind as they are confident in us to provide high level and value added service.

As part of our growth objective, Matrix Group is more than only managing car park facilities as we are also venturing into the investment of acquisition of parking facilities for the Group.

The fundamental aim in our management of parking operations is to ensure effective management of parking facilities and aggressive and innovative marketing of these facilities. Whatever the parking management models used, the owners will be kept informed regularly of the status of operations.

We take great pride in our history, reputation and service delivery and we have never lost sight of what’s most important in our business, that is, providing exceptional parking services to our customers while driving value and profit for our partners. It is this type of simplicity and attention to service that has allowed Matrix Group to thrive over the years and evolve as one of the fastest growing and innovative car park management companies in Malaysia. With our extensive experience and proven track record, we believe that the Matrix Group will be a complementary asset to our business partner.


When you select us, you are investing in comprehensive parking management from highly trained and experienced parking professionals. High service standards are assured.

We are sensitive to the fact that parking management requires “people” skills. We provide you with technologically advanced Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems that have the capability for future upgrades and possible integration with existing systems in your building.

Our management and staff have been responsible for managing large and diverse parking systems and understand parking dynamics from direct experience. We challenge ourselves to deliver maximum customer satisfaction to each Project and Client.

We CONCENTRATE on ensuring that YOUR goals for the parking facility are achieved.

  • Ensuring quality systems and services that satisfy the needs of our customers.
  • Employing a team of innovative, result-orientated individuals of high integrity, motivated to deliver excellence.
  • Achieving operational excellence consistently.
  • Conducting our business in an economically optimum manner.
  • To create a corporate brand recognised for excellence and integrity
  • To be the top performing and most admired company in the parking industry

These are the values that form the basis of our relationships with all:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Pride

We are committed to set the highest standards in the industry by focusing on:-

  • Fulfilling our customer requirements.
  • Realising the potential of our people.
  • Ensuring that all our employees are aware of the core values of honesty, integrity, respect and pride.
  • Maintaining the trust and confidence of customers, employees and other people with whom we do business with.
  • Economically optimum operations.